Ryan Jay Cowan


An animal lover turned vegan, whose special bond with his greyhound resulted in a greater compassion for all animals. Originally from a design background, Ryan felt a desire to build a brand that reflects his values and to help positively impact the lives of animals.

"It has always been niggling at me, this ambition to make a difference, to do passionate and fulfilling work for a great cause. It's incredibly empowering. I feel a sense of purpose, and I'm sure this is just the beginning."

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Growing up as a huge animal lover and protector, Paige made the connection to becoming a passionate vegan 5 years ago. Performing is also one of her passions, striving her to perform and teach dance and singing on the daily. Paige is health conscious and loves a morning smoothie topped with unlimited passionfruit. In her spare time, She loves posting healthy vegan food on her Instagram (@plantbased.paige) hoping to inspire and support others. 

"Looking back, I always knew I would find this path of compassion. I was never one to conform to society and now that I have become vegan, it has opened my eyes to not only help the animals but the environment and the health of individuals around me" 



After several years in the Greyhound racing industry and a rough start to life, Cooper was adopted by Ryan & Paige from the RSPCA the day they met him. He is now a well known local resident and enjoys an occasional walk at the park but mostly napping on the couch. He is most well known for sporting a navy onesie in the winter, and posing for some photo ops.

Cooper hopes that one day Halt can make a range of dog apparel.



Our newest family member, and Greyhound Safety Net's 1000th adoption. She's a real sweet heart, and gets along great with Cooper. She's 8 years old and still full of life—her tail rarely stops wagging. Her photo, taken by Elena McGannon, was recently featured in the Stonnington Leader—so she's basically the local celebrity.

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